48th Annual ICB Open Studios

The 48th Annual ICB Open Studios will be held in the historic ICB Building in Sausalito from December 2-4, 2016, from 11 am to 6 pm daily. "One Hundred Artists Under One Curved Roof" open their studio doors to their collectors and the curious public.

The ICB, in the picturesque Marinship District at 480 Gate Five Road, Sausalito, has free parking and handicapped access on the Bay side. This is a free event.

December 2nd, 3rd, and 4th 11am-6pm

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A Fresh Look at the Historic Industrial Center Building in Sausalito

(Sausalito, CA) Nestled by Richardson Bay in North Sausalito, a landmark historic building steeped in the area's shipbuilding roots is re-energized by the creative activities of a lively artists’ community.

The ICB was born in the spring of 1942 as part of the huge Marinship complex that temporarily turned Sausalito and Marin City into bustling factory towns during WWll. Incredibly, 93 Liberty Ships were built and launched here during the course of the war.

Originally named the “Mold Loft and Yard Office,” the ICB was one of the largest buildings at Marinship. According to the original plans, the first floor featured administration offices and template and tool storage; the second floor contained offices for the Engineering and Production Departments, as well as locker rooms and break rooms; the third floor was one large open room used as the Mold Loft, a giant open space for laying out templates on plywood which were then slid down a ramp and taken to the plate shop where they were used over and over to mark the steel sheets that would become integral parts of the ships. How fitting that such a productive building would become home to many artists over the years.